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Battery powered logging sensors

Greenspan now manufacture our range of water quality sensors as battery powered logging sensors.

Our entire range of logging sensors can be powered by internal batteries giving you months of maintenance-free data logging.

“Clandestine Monitoring”

The batteries replace the requirement for external power sources such as solar panels or batteries. As such the Greenspan range of water quality sensors can perform ‘clandestine monitoring’, meaning no one but the operator will know the sensor is installed. As a result, the sensors are less prone to theft and vandalism. As an additional bonus solar panels no longer need to be maintained and battery packs no longer need to be carried into the field to power logging sensors.

EC-2500 logging salinity sensor with internal battery

Battery power is only available for our logging series of water quality sensors. This includes the following sensors:

  • TS-1000L – Turbidity sensor
  • EC-2500L – Electrical conductivity (salinity) sensor
  • PS-1000L – Pressure sensor (depth)
  • pH-1000L – pH sensor
  • DO-1000L – Dissolved oxygen sensor
  • ORP-1000L – Oxygenation reduction potential sensor

The data can be ‘extracted’ from the logging sensors via the communications connection, which itself is protected from the ingress by a waterproof sheath.

The batteries we use are non-rechargeable lithium batteries, providing a siginificant datalogging potential.

For more information on our water quality battery logging sensors then please visit our product page here:

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