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Depth – Submersible Pressure

Submersible Pressure Sensor

The PS-1000 submersible pressure sensor accurately measures water depth levels. The robust 47Ø acetal body can withstand harsh environments making it ideal for continuous long-term deployments.

Greenspan’s PS-1000 pressure sensors utilise capacitive ceramic pressure-sensitive diaphragms for depth measurement. The changes in depth will vary the pressures acting on the diaphragm and capacitive element. This in turn causes variation in the electronic circuits recording the water depth.

PS-1000 depth sensors are ideal for monitoring groundwater, streams/rivers, and lakes/reservoirs. Their accuracy and reliability make them well suited to studying hydrological run-off, stratification, and industrial processes.

Also available is the PS-7000 stainless steel submergible pressure sensor. The PS-7000 offers the same superb performance as the PS-1000 but in a smaller diameter stainless steel body.

PS-7000 Submersible pressure depth sensor
Greenspan Submersible Pressure Sensor PS-1000
PS-1000 submersible pressure sensor

Serial or Analogue Ouput?

The PS-1000 series can have either an analogue output (PS-1000A) or an integrated logger with serial output (PS-1000L).

PS-1000 & PS-7000– Analogue sensors have a 4-20mA output (V output is possible upon request).

PS-1000L logging sensors have either RS-232, RS-485, or SDI-12 when the SDI-12 adaptor is connected.
*Optional internal battery pack is available for logging sensor.

Absolute or Gauge?

Greenspan submersible pressure sensors are available in either absolute pressure or gauge pressure. Gauge Sensors are vented to the atmosphere so that the effects of changes in barometric or atmospheric pressure do not affect water level readings. Sensors that are not vented to the atmosphere are referred to as Absolute Sensors. The main difference between gauge and absolute pressure sensors is the effect of atmospheric pressure on the water level measurements they provide.

Australian Made

Greenspan has made our range of water quality sensors in Australia for over two decades. Our experience has allowed us to design sensors that reliably deliver accurate data in the harshest environments Australia has to offer.

With every Greenspan water quality sensor, you receive; local support from our experienced sales and service technicians, local repairs and recalibration from our Melbourne-based engineers, and access to local spares from our factory in Melbourne. No other brand of water quality sensor can offer such exceptional service.




PS-7000 – Stainless Steel Pressure Sensor

On rare occasions, a PS-1000’s acetal body is not suitable. In such conditions, we can provide the PS-7000.

The PS-7000 is a stainless steel submersible pressure sensor while still offering the same superb accuracy as the PS-1000 series.

PS-7000 Stainless steel sumbersible pressure sensor

PS-1000/PS-7000 Specifications

Measurement Technique½” ceramic capacitance transducer
Standard ranges available.
2.5, 5, 10, 20, 40, 75, 100 m
Absolute Ranges: 20, 40, 75, 100 m.
For non-standard please contact Greenspan.
Overall accuracy (combined linearity,
hysteresis and repeatability)
+/–0.1%full scale
Sensor outputs4-20mA, RS-232, RS485 Modbus, SDI-12 (adaptor required)
Long term stability0.2% full scale per annum
Zero offset and full-scale maximum variationn +/–0.02 mA
Cable typePolyurethane sheathed cable, OD 8 mm, with 3m vent tube, Aramid reinforced,
moulded entry, bare wire connection
Standard cable lengths10, 30 50, 80, 100, 150 200 m
Non-standard cable lengthsYes (Extra cable moulding time may be required)
Closed Vent System (CVS)Gauge sensors must be fitted with a CVS
Power supply8 to 30 V DC (at sensor) loop powered
Reverse polarity protectionYes
Surge current protectedTo 2 kV
Warm-up time to stable reading<150 ms
Current consumptionUp to 20 mA while turned on, 0mA when off
Operating temperature0–50°C
Storage temperature–5°C – +60°C
Max over pressureAt least twice the full scale range
Dimensions (L×OD)PS-1000: 328 mm × 47 mm Ø (12.91” × 1.85”Ø)
PS-7000: 278 mm× 22 mm Ø (11″× 0.86″Ø)
WeightPS-1000: 550g plus cable weight (665 g per 10 m length)
PS-7000: 300g plus cable weight (665 g per 10 m length)
Wetted materialsPS-1000: Acetal, ceramic, 316 passivated stainless steel, polyurethane, viton.
PS-7000: Ceramic, 316 passivated stainless steel, polyurethane, viton

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