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Turbidity Sensor

Greenspan’s turbidity sensor reliably measures the turbidity of a body of water. To match your research and monitoring requirements we offer two series of turbidity sensors.

Turbidity is an important water quality measurement to monitor as both plant and animal growth depend on turbidity levels. Greenspan’s turbidity sensor measures the optical features of a liquid and measures its clarity by determining scattered light levels within the column of water.

The robust acetal bodys and sensors allow for delpoyment in acidic or salty active waters. As the sensor is self cleaning they can operate in marine applications and waterways with high sediment loads.

  • Can be installed in active waters (acidic or hypersaline) where stainless steel is not suitable
  • Our reliable and robust sensors ensure minimal field visits for maintenance
  • Suitable for marine applications and waterways with high sediment loads
  • Turbidity measurement conforms to ISO7027
  • Integral self-cleaning wiper
  • Rugged acetal body
  • Field replaceable wiper pad or actuated sensor cap
TS-1000 turbidity sensor by greenspan
TS-2600 Turbidity sensor cap
TS-2600 turbidity sensor with protective cap

Serial or Analogue Ouput?

The TS-1000 series can have either an analogue output (TS-1000A) or an integrated logger with serial output (TS-1000L).

TS-1000A analogue sensors have a 4-20mA output (V output is possible upon request).

TS-1000L logging sensors have either RS-232, RS-485, or SDI-12 when the SDI-12 adaptor is connected.

Australian Made

Greenspan has made our range of water quality sensors in Australia for over two decades. Our experience has allowed us to design sensors that reliably deliver accurate data in the harshest environments Australia has to offer.

With every Greenspan water quality sensor, you receive; local support from our experienced sales and service technicians, local repairs and recalibration from our Melbourne-based engineers, and access to local spares from our factory in Melbourne. No other brand of water quality sensor can offer such exceptional service.





TS-1000A & TS-1000L

Measurement technique90° Infra-red (ISO7027)
Std ranges available (factory set)100 NTU 400NTU 1,000 NTU
Non-standard ranges available up to 3000NTU
Resolution+/–1% +/–1% +/–3%
Temperature coefficient+/–0.2%/°C +/–0.1%/°C +/–0.1%/°C
Sensor outputs4–20 mA or 0–2.5VDC
4-20mA, RS-232, RS485 Modbus, SDI-12 (adaptor required)
Calibration standardAPSAEPA polymer solutions 0,100 NTU,400 NTU,1000 NTU
Cable typePolyurethane sheathed cable, OD 8mm, aramid reinforced, moulded entry, bare wire connection
Standard cable lengths10, 20, 30, 50, 100, 150, 200m
Non-standard cable lengthsYes (Extra cable moulding time may be required)
Power supply8 to 30VDC (at sensor)
Power ESD protection2000volts
Current consumptionSensor 15–40mA while operating
Plus extra 30–35mA– while wiping
Sensor warm-up time10 seconds
Wiper arrangementSilicon wiper blade on PVC arm. Field replaceable
Wiper controlPull control wire to GND momentarily
Pulse time required >50ms
Wiper time<8seconds (1 revolution)
Operating temperature0–50°C
Depth rating (water column)100m
Storage temperature–5°C – +60°C
Weight500g plus cable weight (665 g per 10mlength)
Dimensions (L×OD)417.5mm× 47 mm(16.44″ × 1.85″)
Wetted materialsUPVC, Acetal, 316 passivated stainless steel, polyurethane,viton


RangeStandard choice of 0 to 100, 250, 500, 1000 and 2000
NTU. Other ranges are available
Zero & full scale setting± 0.05% of full-scale setting
TypeOptical backscatter
Power10-15 volts unregulated
500mA or 0.3mAh during reading
AccuracyLinearity/hysteresis ± 2% of full scale
Temperature <0.05% / ˚C of FS over the range 0 to 30˚C
Response time2 seconds to full accuracy
Output optionsAnalogue 4-20mA current loop (3 wire current loop,
600ohms max).
Surge protectionSecondary surge protection – can absorb 0.6J of energy
TS-1000 Turbidity sensor
TS-1000 turbidity sensor with wiper blade

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