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Dissolved Oxygen (ODO)

Optical Dissolved Oxygen Sensor

The DO-1000L optical dissolved oxygen (ODO or DO) sensor reliably provides accurate water quality data for all levels of research.

Integrated into the DO-1000L is a data logger, which allows for long-term continuous monitoring. For remote or discrete monitoring the DO-1000L can be equipped with an integrated lithium-ion battery pack.

Greenspan’s ODO sensors utilise solid-state fluorescence-based transducers that are inherently reliable. Their designs have been tried and tested throughout Australia.

The DO-1000L require minimal maintenance as there are no replaceable membranes or electrolytes, so you can spend more time on the jobs that matter the most to you.

Dissolved oxygen closeup of sensor head
Dissolved Oxygen Sensor
  • DO meter Can be installed in active waters (acidic or salty conditions)
  • Reliable and robust sensor ensures minimal servicing visits
  • Suitable for marine applications and waterways with high sediment loads
  • Easy to configure logger – quick retrieval of data using SensorMate software
  • Graphical and tabular display – export to spreadsheet format
  • Standalone operation with onboard battery Pack
  • Various cable options for telemetry and integration applications

Australian Made

Greenspan has made our range of DO sensors and other water quality sensors in Australia for over two decades. Our experience has allowed us to design sensors that reliably deliver accurate data in the harshest environments Australia has to offer.

With every Greenspan water quality sensor, you receive; local support from our experienced sales and service technicians, local repairs and recalibration from our Melbourne-based engineers, and access to local spares from our factory in Melbourne. No other brand of water quality sensor can offer such exceptional service.




DO-1000L Specifications

Measurement TechniqueOxygen fluorescence detection method
Range0-200% Saturation (0-20ppm)
AccuracyOxygen 1% of reading or 0.02 ppm whichever is greater
Sensor outputs4-20mA, RS-232, RS485 Modbus, SDI-12 (adaptor required)
Power supply8 to 30 V DC (at sensor), or on-board battery pack (option)
Current consumptionSleep <0.2 mA, logging 20 mA, communicating 30 mA
(consumption rates vary depending on parameters selected)
Internal dataloggerNon-volatile, battery-backed RAM with real-time clock
Memory size4 Mb capacity, with user-selectable wrap function, typically 250,000 readings.
(At 5-minute data for >12 months)
Dimensions(L x OD): 504 mm x 47 mm (19.84” x 1.85”)

Options & Accessories

Stainless steel water quality sensor

Bespoke stainless steel

As we manufacture our own sensors we can make bespoke modifications. We can make many of our sensors out of a stainless steel body with a threaded flange for securing in industrial pipes.

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