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Groundwater Nitrates

GW50 Groundwater Nitrate Sensor

The HydroMetrics GW50 nitrate sensors (manufactured in New Zealand) are robust groundwater nitrate sensors specifically built for environmental, agricultural and industrial uses.

The HydroMetrics sensors provide landowners, regulatory authorities, and businesses with real-time groundwater monitoring data. These sensors enable precise feedback on the effects of land use and allow users to make informed decisions.

Accurate and affordable, HydroMetrics puts the tools into the hands of landowners and businesses so they can become environmental guardians of their land and water.

GW50 Groundwater nitrate sensor hydrometrics
GW50 Groundwater nitrate sensor

How can we manage the issue if we can’t afford to measure it?

  • Groundwater deployment.
  • Measure nitrate-nitrogen concentrations.
  • Deployment in low ionic strength groundwater – organic carbon or chloride interferences are minimal.
  • Remote data logging possible to give real-time data.
  • Affordable nitrate sensor – cost-effective to deploy at multiple sites at the catchment or farm scale.
  • Low power consumption – can be powered by solar power.
  • Optical sensor technology – extends service intervals in comparison to other lower-cost technologies such as Ion Selective Electrodes.
  • Suitable for long-term unattended deployment.
  • Periodic cleaning rather than calibration required, reducing ongoing maintenance.
  • Continuous monitoring and feedback – no laboratory analysis required.

Made in New Zealand

Greenspan has partnered with HydroMetrics from New Zealand to distribute their innovative GW50 groundwater nitrate sensor.

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nitrate sensor gw50 Hydrometrics

GW50 Specifications

Measurement techniqueXenon flash
Measurement principleUV Absorbance
Measurement cell8 mm tube
Measurement range0 – 50 mg/L (without measurement cell alteration)
Measurement accuracy+/- 5% +0.1 mg N/L
Turbidity compensationYes
Data logger~ 16 GB internal storage
Measurement interval≥ 1 min
Housing material316 stainless steel
Dimensions (ø x L)42.2 mm x 455 mm
Weight3.44 kg (including 10 m of cable)
InterfaceSDI-12 / RS-232
Power consumption< 100 mW
Power supply11.5 – 15.5 V
Guarantee1 year
Max pressure2.0 bar as standard


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