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Oxidation Redox Potential

Oxidation Reduction Potential Sensor

The ORP-1000 oxidation reduction potential sensor from Greenspan is designed to operate on a remote power source for long periods of time. Requiring only minimal field servicing the ORP-1000 can be left unattended in operation for extended monitoring periods.

Greenspan manufactures the ORP-1000 series with either an internal datalogger or analogue output. For ultimate flexibility the logging version can be supplied with interal battery power, perfect for descrete water quality monitoring.

The ORP-1000 sensor uses a platinum electrode and a reference electrode in the same body. At redox equilibrium, the potential difference between the ideal indicator electrode and the reference electrode equals the redox potential of the system.

The oxygen reduction potential (redox) sensor’s electrode is quick and easy to replace in the field. The acetal body and protective shrouds provide the ultimate protection ensuring the ORP-1000 will withstand the most extreme environments.

  • Innovative, optically isolated signal conditioning
  • Field-proven platinum electrode
  • Innovative replaceable reference protection ring
  • Robust, easy clean design
  • Low power energy requirements
  • Wide operating temperature range
Oxygenation Reduction Potential Sensor greenspan
Oxygenation Reduction Potential Sensor

Serial or Analogue Ouput?

The ORP-1000 series has either an analogue output (ORP-1000A) or an integrated data logger with serial output (ORP-1000L).

ORP-1000A analogue sensors have a 4-20mA output (V output is possible upon request).

ORP-1000L logging sensors have either RS-232, RS-485, or SDI-12 when the SDI-12 adaptor is connected.
*Optional internal battery pack is available for logging sensor.

Australian Made

Greenspan understands the importance of water quality monitoring in Australia. As such we design our sensors for robustness and accuracy, giving you peace of mind that you will obtain the measurements you need.

Owning a Greenspan water quality sensor means you receive; local support from our experienced sales and service technicians, local repairs and recalibration from our Melbourne-based engineers, and fast access to local spares from our factory in Melbourne.




Greenspan made in australia

ORP-1000 Specifications

Measurement TechniquePlatinum electrode with internal reference
Range+/- 500mV, +/-1000mV, 0-1000mV
Accuracy+/-20mV (+/- 0.2mA)
Sensor outputs4-20mA, RS-232, RS485 Modbus, SDI-12 (adaptor required)
Power supply11-13.2 VDC (at sensor)
Current consumption10mA to 30mA while turned on
Internal dataloggerNon-volatile, battery-backed RAM with real-time clock (logging version only)
Reverse polarity protection Yes
Surge current protectionto 2kV
Warm up time2 Sec
Operating temperature0-50°C
Storage temperature-5°C to 60°C
Memory size4 Mb capacity, with user-selectable wrap function, typically 250,000 readings.
(At 5-minute data for >12 months)
Dimensions364.20mm x 47mm (14.35” x 1.85”); 500g
Construction materialPlatinum, Acetal, 316 passivated Stainless Steel, polyurethane, viton

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