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Greenspan – stainless steel sensors for water quality monitoring.

We now manufacture stainless steel sensors. Greenspan (now owned and operated by ESS Earth Sciences) has a history of manufacturing water quality sensors. However, traditionally the bodied have been made from plastics (acetal mainly). We also have a history of providing outstanding customer service. So, when a customer asked if we could make our sensors from stainless steel we jumped at the opportunity. As the sensors are designed and made in Australia in our facility we were able to design then make the bespoke changes.

The customer wanted the sensors to be integrated into their facilities’ water quality monitoring system. For this, the sensors needed to be placed then screwed in tubes leading to the main flow. While stainless steel is likely overkill for most customers, it was the ideal material for this application as it provides a solid thread for screwing tight and is resistant to the harsh chemicals in the facility.

Bespoke stainless steel sensor design

We produced three different stainless steel sensors, a turbidity sensor, an electrical conductivity sensor, and a pH sensor. As you can see from the photos below, the robust and simple design is sure to provide years of data to the customer.

Greenspan are alway open to customer suggestions and specific requirements. If you have a specific need then please contact us to discuss it.