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GW50 Groundwater Nitrate Sensor

Greenspan (the hydrological division of ESS Earth Sciences) are pleased to announce we are now a distributor of the HydroMetrics GW50 groundwater nitrate sensor.

HydroMetrics are a division of the New Zealand based company Lincoln Agritech. Their groundwater nitrate sensor was designed in response to the developing issue of nitrate groundwater contamination from the agricultural and industrial sectors.

GW50 Groundwater nitrate sensor hydrometrics
GW50 nitrate sensor

If you can measure it you can manage it

With real-time nitrogen data, managers can take action quickly, mitigating any potential issues in the future.

An Accurate, reliable, and affordable nitrate sensor

The issue of accurately measuring nitrate levels in and around agricultural facilities has never been so important. However, the cost of nitrate sensors has traditionally been prohibitively high for most operations. This created a large gap in data and knowledge of an important issue. HydroMetrics saw the importance of filling this gap and set out to create an accurate and reliable groundwater nitrate sensor that was affordable.

After years of development, HydroMetric produced the GW50 nitrate sensor. These have now been successfully tried and tested in the field for several years. Sensors have been left in harsh conditions for months at a time while transmitting real-time data via telemetry.

In HydroMetrics own words, “The GW50 optical groundwater nitrate sensor is designed for everyday use by everyday people. Our sensors have been used by many businesses such as rural farming, potable water, irrigation schemes, horticulture, and research purposes. Our sensors offer real-time groundwater monitoring and put the tools into the hands of landowners and businesses so they can become environmental guardians of their land and water”

If you would like to learn more about how we can help your operation with nitrate monitoring then contact us for prices and information on the GW50 nitrate sensor.

Full details of the GW50 can be found on the products page.