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Electrical Conductivity – Water Quality Measurements

Electrical Conductivity – Water Quality Measurements Electrical Conductivity, electrolytes, ions, and salinity Electrical conductivity measured in Siemens (S) and represents a fluid’s ability to conduct electricity or pass an electrical flow. Temperature and concentration of free ions in the fluid determine electrical conductivity. Measuring the… Read More »Electrical Conductivity – Water Quality Measurements

GW50 Nitrate Sensor - Hydrometrics

Affordable Nitrate Sensor

GW50 Groundwater Nitrate Sensor Greenspan (the hydrological division of ESS Earth Sciences) are pleased to announce we are now a distributor of the HydroMetrics GW50 groundwater nitrate sensor. HydroMetrics are a division of the New Zealand based company Lincoln Agritech. Their groundwater nitrate sensor was… Read More »Affordable Nitrate Sensor

EC-2500 logging salinity sensor with internal battery

Battery powered logging sensors

Battery powered logging sensors Greenspan now manufacture our range of water quality sensors as battery powered logging sensors. Our entire range of logging sensors can be powered by internal batteries giving you months of maintenance-free data logging. “Clandestine Monitoring” The batteries replace the requirement for… Read More »Battery powered logging sensors